Do you need to get your strength and flexibility back after an injury or illness?

Would like to get a little fitter but not sure where to start?

Do you dislike gyms or big classes?

Feeling anxious, stressed or suffering from depression?

You have always wanted to try yoga but you think it is something you can't do?

Have a fear or phobia?

Are neck and shoulders tense?

Are you getting migraines?

Do you have difficulty in relaxing, sleeping and getting the mind to switch off?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can make things better with yoga and meditation.


FREE telephone consultation


I can help you plan your journey with either 1:1 private yoga or pilates and/or hypnotherapy. Everything is completely tailored specifically to you.


Click on the button below to arrange a convenient time for a FREE 30-minute discovery call. I am ready to listen to you. There is no obligation to arrange further appointments. Let's discuss what troubles you and see if we can work together in finding a solution. Everything we discuss is in total confidence.

Yoga and Hypnotherapy

After you have fully recovered from an injury, you may find that you are really nervous about moving again but want to get back to peak fitness or create a little more of a balance in your health and fitness. One-to-one fitness and yoga with or without hypnotherapy can help you.


"I was put in touch with Dawn for help following an accident as I was nervous of any training exacerbating my injury.  Her great understanding and knowledge allowed me to train in a controlled and safe manner,  strengthening, increasing flexibility and mobility.  I am now able to lift and play sport without fear of incurring injury.  She provided an excellent program that can be done at home without expensive equipment and is fantastic in her support and encouragement. Dawn has transformed how I feel. Thank you"!  Caroline B, Sandwich


Your health and wellbeing is of the utmost importance to me. After your initial consultation and assessment, I may suggest you see a physio or perhaps be 'signed-off' by a doctor.




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