About Dawn.


In 2015, I qualified as a Personal Trainer with Rob Horswell, 2016 trained in Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Yoga for Pre and Post-natal Pregnancy with YogaLondon, and have also trained as a clinical hypnotherapist with ASCH. I am passionate about sharing the power of yoga/fitness and hypnotherapy to promote physical, emotional and mental health. I am dedicated to supporting anyone who is interested in trying yoga or wants to start on a fitness program seeking to rebalance themselves from the stresses of daily life.


In my spare time, I am either riding my motorbike or cycling the coast and have just taken up swimming in our wonderful tidal pools. If the weather isn't great, I'll be reading whatever is next on my list.


After 30 years of managerial experience in the Print and Design industry, working in the Corporate Finance, Pharmaceutical, Advertising, and Educational sectors, I decided to leave and founded Eagle Hypnotherapy and Yoga. Having experienced at first-hand, the stress and emotional strain caused to my colleagues and myself, I recognised I was not only suffering from anxiety about my own working situation but really wanted to help my colleagues.


Given this great opportunity to train in fitness, yoga, and hypnotherapy, I spent some time really thinking about where I wanted to aim my business. I always came back to wanting to help people return to their best-self through fitness. Hypnotherapy is a superb tool to help those who feel stuck in their journey and need to find the mind and body connection.


My passion to help people through fitness is driven by my own experiences and self-help journey. Five years later after a long, physical and emotional journey, I find myself using an integrative approach to teaching yoga, fitness and hypnotherapy and really excited to be adding to these skills very soon.


Mission Statement

My aim is to enable change through yoga and fitness with the added benefit of hypnotherapy. I provide a safe, non-judgemental, empathetic environment in which we can work together. We all have the ability to achieve our highest goal, sometimes we just need a helping hand.

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