Have you ever wanted to do a private yoga class but would prefer to bring a friend or partner and reduce the cost?

90-minute session:

£40 per session for two people.

£55 per session for three people

£65 per session for four people

The initial session is £35 for 90 minutes. Subsequent sessions can be 60 or 90 minutes, 60 minutes is £30. Once booked please give 24 hour notice if you have to cancel. 

In 1:1 sessions we work towards your goals, allowing you to develop at your own speed and address any areas of concern.

A personal yoga session is ideal if you are nervous of trying yoga for the first time. It can help build confidence to transition into a group class. Yoga is a very personal journey.


You will receive all the necessary support and resources to help you create and build a home practice suitable for your requirements and needs.

In the Personal Training sessions, during your initial assessment, I will learn valuable information about your goals and fitness level. A proper screening also reveals information on health conditions or injuries that may affect your program design. Once I have collected all the information I need, I can then plan effective and safe workout routines that meet your needs and get results.

In your Personal Training Plan you will receive online support and resources.

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