Working with Dawn is an incredibly powerful experience. She is excellent in all the elements of the work she does. She listens well and has real empathy and kindness. She will support you in bringing about positive change in your live.

BP, Broadstairs - July 19

I love the class this morning Dawn! Thank you so much, it was exactly what I needed - Vinyasa Flow Yoga. I love that it's 7am and I can do it before I start work!
I love your teaching style with focus in the connection between movement and breath. I feel like I had a proper stretch out and the same time feel clarity in my mind and calmness in my body. Ready to do my busy work now.
And it's so lovely to be able to do it so close to nature at Somali Farm, Birchington. Can we do our class outside when it gets warmer? Would be amazing to see all those fields when practicing!

Aneta, Ramsgate - April 17

I have tried Yoga before in my 30s it was not for me then, more for the instructors benefit! I'm in my 50s now, and think Dawn is a great instructor. She works with individual bodies and allows for my little imperfections! I'm hooked

SB, Ramsgate - Nov 18

I was put in touch with Dawn for help following an accident as I was nervous of any training exacerbating my injury.  Her great understanding and knowledge allowed me to train in a controlled and safe manner,  strengthening, increasing flexibility and mobility.  I am now able to lift and play sport without fear of incurring injury.   She provided an excellent program that can be done at home without expensive equipment and is fantastic in her support and encouragement. Dawn has transformed how I feel. Thank you!

Caroline B, Sandwich - Oct 17

I booked a couple of sessions on goal-setting with Dawn. I felt completely relaxed throughout. The visualisation was great and I was able to see the future and me in it.

KD, Canterbury - Jul 18

I really enjoyed the session of hypnotherapy you gave me, its difficult to describe, but I really don't have the desire to smoke. The habit of smoking is still in my head, but the thought of being able to breath easier makes me think about what I want. Quite possibly this isn't making sense, but I wanted to let you know that its working. Thank you for the offer of additional information.

Nicky SR, Kent - Jun 18

I’ve been to see Dawn twice now for my anxiety issues and the therapy has helped me immensely. Dawn put me at ease straight away as I was a bit nervous and I found her to be knowledgable and understanding, highly recommend.

NR, Faversham - Jan 19

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